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The Penguin, Marine and Environmental Centre is an unobtrusive structure built at the face of the granite cliff on the northern edge of Granite Island. Currently tours of the centre include an interactive penguin display and interpretation of the behaviours and adaptations of the island’s penguin colony. The centre also contains numerous artificial burrows where wild penguins can be viewed through viewing windows.

The penguin centre operates a Penguin Rescue and Release programme. When injured penguins are found, they are brought here to the centre where they are cared for until they are fit and well, then released back into the wild. The ones that can't because their injuries have been too severe become our resident penguins, and will stay here and be looked after by our dedicated team of volunteers.

There is also an outdoor open aquarium in the grounds of the centre containing local fish in a unique pond irrigated with seawater pumped from Encounter Bay. A touch-table located in the entrance foyer containing local examples of the marine environment in the Encounter Bay area has proven to be extremely popular and unique in terms of its hands-on nature. Children also love to spend time colouring in and participating in various puzzles and other educational experiences relating to Granite Island’s intriguing natural environment.

Environmental impacts in respect of tourism and general environmental awareness and education to visitors to Granite Island is an integral element of the Centre and all activities conducted on Granite Island.


Penguin Centre Hours
Tuesday - Sunday and
Public Holidays

OPEN - 11am - 4pm
FEEDING - 11.30am and 2.30pm

Admission Prices
$8.00 Adult
$6.00 Children

Bookings essential prior to Tour.
Phone (08) 8552 7555

Phone: 08 8552 7555 - Facsimile: 08 8552 8011 - Granite Island, 2 Ocean Street, Victor Harbor, South Australia 5211
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